Nectar is pleased to invite local artists to submit proposals for the artistic direction of the 2015 edition of the Ottawa Lumière Festival. This proposal should include details for the concept, design and implementation of the project.

The 2015 festival will need to retain certain features of previous editions. Among these features are:

1.    The installation, display, or performance should incorporate aspects of light and illumination.
2.    The event’s activities must take place in Stanley Park on August 15, 2015.
3.    The event must include the work of local artists – artists living in, working in or originating from the National Capital Region and environs.
4.    The concept, and the work it includes, must embrace the outdoors and function effectively in the light and dark of evening and night.
5.    The design must be flexible enough to accommodate a possible collaboration with a family event scheduled for mid-day to dusk of the same day.

Proposals should describe in detail:
•    your artistic concept;
•    how you will include the work of local artists;
•    how you will realize your concept by providing a draft work plan, which includes a time frame;
•    the nature of any support you will require to realize your concept (materials, volunteers required, administrative support, set-up and strike etc).

Please provide a detailed draft budget for the implementation of your concept.

Please approach this project with artistic freedom while being mindful of the public’s safety.

Include your curriculum vitae outlining previous work of a comparable nature.

All proposals will be reviewed and a selection made based on suitability, feasibility, and available funding. The selection jury may request interviews with candidates who are being considered. Please contact Nectar’s Festival Coordinator for information regarding the site.

Submit your proposals by 5 PM, May 15, 2015 to:
Steven Artelle
Lumiere Festival Artistic Director
255 Mackay Street
Ottawa, ON
K1M 2B6